August 17, 2019

Client Diaries

artsynest client diaries

We anticipate this to be the first of many client diaries we intend to showcase over the next few months. This chapter and the related images are about our extremely talented first client Ms. Khushboo from Allahabad who runs a studio called The French Studio.

With no professional background in fine arts, Ms. Khushboo in fact completed her bachelors and masters in biotechnology, and her professional life began along a completely different tangent. However, her calling was always furniture design and the creation of beautiful and unique spaces. She finds existing options with regard to furniture currently available in the Indian market, to be quite mundane and standard. She believes the only alternatives available are traditional Indian pieces or bulk Chinese imports. Furthermore, she feels furniture designers in the Indian market have missed out and not caught on to international trends in the space that are now in significantly high demand.

Thus began her tryst with furniture painting. In the year 2017 she began to paint a few pots at home to familiarize herself with the process of furniture painting. As she worked on more and more pieces and artefacts she began to explore different techniques of painting and different options with regard to furniture paints. This is when she came across Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Annie Sloan waxes!

She was instantly in love! As a mother of two the things that attracted her most towards these paints is the fact that they are non-toxic, baby friendly and odourless. And once she was able to procure these paints and revamp her center table, there was no looking back! Other than the obvious factors such as minimal surface preparation, applicability on any surface, minimal to no requirement of labour, ease of use and low cost the things that drove her to come back for more Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is the warmth, texture and depth she is able to achieve in every piece. She feels that every piece “speaks for itself” when created with these paints and waxes – and all other furniture paints pale in comparison.

Khushboo has been extremely successful in her new venture and hopes to open her own retail studio soon. She is one of several happy clients and as a testimonial to Annie Sloan would like to thank her for creating “super awesome products and providing the right encouragement and inspiration.”

Khushboo – we wish you to the best and look forward to visiting your retail store soon! Onwards and Upwards!

We hope you love the images of Khusboo’s work below as much as we do!

artsynest client diaries
artsynest client diaries
artsynest client diaries
artsynest client diaries
Terracotta Chalk Paint

How about this gorgeous backdrop against the fresh, vibrant and earthy setting in this space!

This romantic, terracotta plaster effect wall has been created using a combination of the following shades of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – Paloma, Scandinavian Pink and Henrietta. This effect has been achieved by applying a base coat of Scandinavian Pink and addition of diluted Henrietta in a haphazard manner on top, after drying of the base coat. A 1:1 ratio between Chalk Paint and water is an ideal starting point for a project like this. While the paint is still wet, crumpled paper can be used to rub off some of it and create texture. After the initial two coats are dry a final wash with Paloma will provide the desired plaster effect.

In case the wall being painted is in an area exposed to the elements such as sunshine and rain, one should consider using Annie Sloan Matt Chalk Paint Lacquer to ensure sealing of the paint to the surface, adding durability and providing UV protection.

This soft, powdery look is achieved using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but a similar effect can be created with Annie Sloan Wall Paint as well

Continue to follow our periodic posts for great wall painting ideas for home, some of the best interior design ideas and more information on this amazing and diverse wall texture paint.