August 16, 2020

How about this gorgeous backdrop against the fresh, vibrant and earthy setting in this space! This romantic, terracotta plaster effect wall has been created using a combination of the following shades of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – Paloma, Scandinavian Pink and Henrietta. This effect has been achieved by applying a base coat of Scandinavian Pink and addition of diluted Henrietta in a haphazard manner on top, after drying of the base coat. A 1:1 ratio between Chalk Paint Continue reading “Soft Terracotta/Plaster effect wall”

August 17, 2019

We anticipate this to be the first of many client diaries we intend to showcase over the next few months. This chapter and the related images are about our extremely talented first client Ms. Khushboo from Allahabad who runs a studio called The French Studio. With no professional background in fine arts, Ms. Khushboo in fact completed her bachelors and masters in biotechnology, and her professional life began along a completely different tangent. However, her calling was always furniture Continue reading “Soft Terracotta/Plaster effect wall”

September 11, 2019

Chalk paint mixing with the help of Annie Sloan’s colour wheel! The foundation of any colour mix begins with the understandingof primary colours. This basic concept tends to takea back seat during the colour mixing process which then complicates our colour choices. Iwas able to pickup several easy to comprehend tipsand understand shades or colour palettes that work together from my workshop with Annie Sloan in Oxford. Annie’s love for colour theory blossomed at her art sch Continue reading “Soft Terracotta/Plaster effect wall”

October 31, 2019

This modern bureau has been painted with our Eco-friendly Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Chicago Grey. Chalk Paint® Gloss Lacquer has been applied on the bottom drawers and to create the scallop design – which was formed by following the outline of Chalk Paint® Wax lid. The circle details around the scallops have been added using Old White and the wooden end of a Detail Brush. The top of the bureau was finished with Matt Lacquer. The stool has been painted in Antoinette, wi Continue reading “Soft Terracotta/Plaster effect wall”