One of the most frequently asked questions Annie encounters is “what colour should I paint my kitchen?”. The second most frequently asked question is probably, “what colour should I NOT paint my kitchen?”.

As always, the answer depends on the unique quirks of you and your home. Annie Sloan Wall Paint is a carefully curated palette of 32 colours, and it’s a small collection for a reason. Every shade is a winner.

However, we’ve selected a few examples in the most popular colours for kitchens to give you some inspiration. Remember too that Chalk Paint® can be used to paint all your kitchen furniture including kitchen cabinets. Click here for more on that! So don’t let existing cabinetry that you’re not in love with dictate the colour you choose for your walls.

Annie Sloan Olive Wall Paint Kitchen

Taking inspiration from your larder is a fabulous way to choose a colour for a kitchen. It’s what they do in the Mediterranean, where kitchens and mealtimes truly are the heart of the family home. Annie Sloan Wall Paint in Olive is a dusky, earthy green with a warmth that will look utterly delicious on your walls. Here, we’ve used alongside Annie’s fabric, Ticking in Olive, with Chalk Paint® details in Primer Red for an end result that’s sophisticated yet informal.

Annie Sloan Pale Blue Kitchen Tiles Painted in Scandinavian Pink, Burgundy and Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint

This kitchen has been painted using Chalk Paint® in Scandinavian Pink, Napoleonic Blue and Burgundy on the tiles. That’s right, Chalk Paint® can be used on tiling! The floors, too, are painted with Chalk Paint® in Old White and Athenian Black. The warm Scandinavian Pink contrasts beautifully with the cool, light blue used on the walls and cabinets (which references the retro pastel palette of American diners). For more pastel Annie Sloan Wall Paint colours try Paled Mallow, Adelphi and Pointe Silk.

Annie Sloan Dining Room in Oxford Navy and Pure Chalk Paint

For a crisp and modern look, there’s nothing like Oxford Navy and Pure. These colours bring out the best in one another; with the inky depths of Oxford Navy emphasising the crispness of Pure, and the white highlighting the subtleties of that pigment-packed blue. Use some accents in a hot colour – here Chalk Paint® in Barcelona Orange – to contrast and further accentuate those qualities. An added benefit of using a dark blue within a kitchen is that dark blue is a recessive colour. This means it draws the eye outwards, blurs horizon lines and makes a space feel bigger.


We hope the above is useful to you.

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