Annie Sloan Wall Paint has been carefully crafted using only the highest quality ingredients. These first-rate components are necessary to create a Wall Paint which delivers in every key category:

  • Durability
  • Pigment quality
  • Coverage

While there are plenty of areas in the home where savings can be made, walls make a big impact and poor-quality paint shows. Spending on the best Wall Paint, made only from premium ingredients, is a solid investment. When dressing your walls: buy once, and buy well.

The Annie Sloan Wall Paint range comes in 32 luxuriously saturated, richly-pigmented colours. Every carefully curated shade comes suspended in a creamy and easy-to-use water-based formula that gives a flawless, beautifully textured, intensely durable finish. Taking whatever life throws at them, even in a bathroom or kitchen, all Annie Sloan Wall Paint has been expertly tested to be washable, wipeable and durable – standing the test of time without losing pigment.

Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue Wall Paint Chateau Grey Chalk Paint Living Room

Pictured is a living room painted using Wall Paint in Napoleonic Blue with a Chateau Grey border painted using Chalk Paint. You’ll notice the intensity, the opacity, and the elegance of the colour even through your computer screen, though we strongly recommend experiencing these shades in real life to get a true sense of their quality.

The colour pay-off afforded by these premium pigments is evident not only in the stimulating bright shades, in the evocative jewel tones or the deeply recessive blues but also in the neutrals. Like a perfectly tailored white shirt is imperative to any wardrobe, so a complex, well-balanced neutral is a crucial element in any interiors scheme (and in any paint collection). The luxurious light-reflecting whites, delicate greys and soft taupes in the Annie Sloan Wall Paint collection all contain as much pigment, as much research, and as much beauty as their bolder palette mates. They’ll bring an understated luxury to your home, and provide a backdrop for bolder furniture or accessory choices.

Old White wall pained used in dining room behind table and chairs

Pictured above is a dining area painted using Annie Sloan Wall Paint in Old White. Tiles painted using Chalk Paint in Barcelona Orange and Old White.

In every tin of Annie Sloan Wall Paint, you’ll find years of expertise, months of research and days of rigorous independent testing. Whether you choose to go bold with Capri Pink or neutral with Pompadour, every shade is a standout.  You can transform whole rooms or freshen up spaces with sectional colour blocking.

Choose from 15 beloved Chalk Paint shades or 17 newly developed colours. All are inspired by the world of fine art or sampled from the most beautiful interiors around the world, expertly curated to give you a full range of possibilities without overwhelming.

Turn to sophisticated and handsome Knightsbridge Green to provide gravitas, class and backbone, spicy Riad Terracotta to delight with thoughts of the sun-baked streets of Marrakech, or use classical and elegant Doric to channel the stoic architectural elegance of Greek pillars. Whatever you’re looking to bring to your home – be it light, warmth or serious style kudos – Annie Sloan Wall Paint can help you achieve your design goals.


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