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Catalogue of Roses 24x33 inch Paintable Decor Transfer


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As always, apply your Paintable Décor Transfer to a clean, matte, dry base. Chalk Paints on these projects work great.

When using Annie Sloan chalk Paint, you could directly apply the transfer on the painted surface or seal the base paint with a light coat of Annie Sloan lacquer, allow it to dry thoroughly before transfer application.

Prior to application, protect your Transfer from dust or debris by keeping it with its protective backing sheet until applied.

Dust will interfere with adhesion.

Since we use a special nonstick backing to avoid transfer damage from excessive cling, you'll need to take care that you keep the transfer and backing together until you apply the transfer to your project surface.

Apply your Paintable Décor Transfer to your surface by rubbing with the included tool until it is completely transferred.

Lift the clear sheet to check and if there are any bits of transfer left on the sheet, just gently lay it back down and rub those spots to transfer them.

Once your image is completely transferred, make sure it is all securely down by burnish with a clean dry cloth so all edges are snuggly adhered.

Click here for a video showing the basic application using an IOD Decor Transfer.


Diluted chalk paint. This works fabulously and you can get very watercolor like effects.

It takes a minute to get your dilution right with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Both on sealed and unsealed, paint will give excellent results.

Sometimes you want muted earthy tones, and this is probably the way to go for that.

Once done finally seal the piece with Annie Sloan Clear wax or Annie Sloan Lacquer.

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(All reference images are of projects done by artists from all over the world using IOD products)