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All Annie Sloan products in India, including Chalk Paint®, shall only be available through Annie Sloan and Artsy Nest’s carefully selected network of independent shops. Artsy Nest is an expanding company with a unique business model enhanced by Annie Sloan products. We are committed to actively supporting independent shops. The Annie Sloan brand name is recognized and respected internationally, which is why our process for selecting Stockists is so rigorous.

Hand Picked

Each Stockist (or 'retailer') is hand-picked for their individual style and we’re very proud that no two shops are the same. Artsy Nest only works with independent businesses. We are always looking to appoint Stockists that are passionate and enthusiastic about painted furniture and interior design. They should run beautiful, independent shops specialising in interiors or similar complementary professions.


Annie Sloan Stockists shall be trained in the Annie Sloan Method. Each retailer shall be capable to offer workshops and up-to-date practical advice on paint techniques and colour. All existing Stockists have a comprehensive practical knowledge of the paint and how it can be used. If you intend to become a stockist and have not yet used Chalk PaintTM then it is vital you try using it as soon as possible or even attend a workshop on furniture painting. We provide on-going training to help develop your skill set once you become a Stockist.

What We Are Looking For


Knowledge of style is essential – a Stockists’ shop should be stylish and offer inspiration. Painted furniture should be curated and work with other items in the shop. We are keen to embrace a wide variety of design styles. Artsy Nest and Annie Sloan Stockists’ shops are all individual and we love that each one has its own style.

Share, Educate And Grow

Sharing knowledge and educating is a major part of the Annie Sloan brand; Stockists must be keen and able to run workshops and demonstrations for their customers. All Stockists should actively use Social Media and should understand the importance of doing so. We intend to have a very strong relationship with our Stockists and spend a lot of time supporting them and helping them to grow.


Passion for the Annie Sloan brand and what it can offer is something that we look for in all our Stockists. We consider many factors when looking at prospective Stockists, including geographical location.

Independent retail

  • You must have an independent retail location.
  • Your shop must be open and trading in order to be considered. Applications lacking an address will not be considered.
  • You must be able to accept the first order of a full complement of stock, and we ask that stockists maintain minimum levels of stock at all times.

What are the benefits of becoming a Stockist?

Chalk PaintTM is a highly addictive, happy paint, and makes people smile!

Many people around the world have already come to know and love Chalk PaintTM and may need your help to buy the products in your country or area! By stocking Chalk PaintTM and Annie Sloan’s ever-growing range of products, you would be providing your existing customers and many potential new clients access to some of the highest quality artistic products. It is sure to increase the footfall of your shop and strengthen existing business.

You will be joining the fast growing international network of Annie Sloan Stockists

You would be joining a network of over 1500 independent businesses worldwide that work as a community to support each other. By sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge, all stockists make each other stronger.

Annie Sloan has come to stand for quality, creativity and inspiration

Annie Sloan is known as one of the worlds most respected experts in paint and colour and is one among-st ‘Britain’s most influential female designers.’ – The Telegraph (UK). The Annie Sloan brand is well recognized and highly respected all over the world. Annie has a huge social media following and is said to have been ‘At the forefront of the painted furniture trend.’ – Period Ideas (UK).

How To apply

If you are interested in becoming an Artsy Nest and Annie Sloan Stockist, click the button below to fill out our application form. Please be sure to read through the application in full before filling it out.

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